Year 6 December Update

During December, we created cushions in Design and Technology. First, we designed our applique design for the front of the cushion and created a pattern to scale. Then, we explored different stitches (backstitch, running stitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch) and had a practise at these. We decided which stitches we would use for the seams of the cushion and for the applique. After using our pattern to cut out the fabric, we started to sew on each section of our design (applique). After sewing 3 seams, we then inserted the wadding before sewing the final seam. We are really proud of our cushions. Watch out Dunelm!!!

In Music, we have been developing our knowledge of playing the recorder. We looked at musical notation – particularly how many beats each note is worth.  Once, we had practiced playing the notes A, B, G and E (low) accurately, we then played a variety of pieces of music practising our B, A , G and E notes in time to a backing track. We particularly concentrated on the amount of beats each note was worth.

We look forward to our learning in January!