Reception News – Autumn 2, Week 1

It has been a great week in Reception!

This week, children have been learning about 1 more and 1 less as key concepts in Mathematics. We have been using physical objects on five frames to show what 1 more or 1 less than a number to 5 is.

For our Reception project, children have been thinking carefully about the power of music on our emotions. Learners have been talking about and experiencing different genres of music and communicating how it makes them feel. Children have also been learning how to represent music in abstract ways such as drawing how music changes.

key information for next week

The ‘Favourite Five’ story next week will be ‘Our House’ by Micheal Rosen 

Key Vocabulary for the focus story, please share this with your child.

  • house
  • build
  • share
  • fair
  • imagination
  • create

Our upcoming focus songs will be related to Nativity songs in order to help us to prepare for our up and coming Nativity in December!

Key dates-

Monday 13th November- Odd socks day!

Monday 13th November-9.45-10.45 EYFS Open Day for prospective parents

Tuesday 14th November– Postponed Attingham Park Trip

Wednesday 15th November– Mrs Archer Mathematics stay & learn session 11am-11.30am

Thursday 15th November– Mrs Rileys Mathematics stay and learn session 11am-11.30am

Tuesday 21st November 3.30pm-4.15pm Mathematics Parent Information Session

Sos winners

This week the Secrets of Success this week was for ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the winners have demonstrated that they have creative ideas. Well done to Harper-Jayne, Samual, Maksim and Adian!