Year 1’s amazing learning during June

In year 1 we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest hour and half hour. The children have been really good at representing these times on a clock and then recording in their books. They ensured that they were accurate when representing the hour and minute hand on their clocks. We have also learnt how to measure the weight and capacity of objects and containers using non-standard measures.

Using non-standard to measureUsing non-standard to measure Using non-standard to measureUsing non standard to measure

During Project sessions the children have been learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and where they are located on a map. We have also been learning about human and physical features in the environment. The children used construction and loose parts to create a representation of a city, seaside town and the countryside. They then discussed the physical and human features they had created and how they know this.

Drawing a simple map Representing Ironbridge Using the laptop to research Ironbridge Drawing a simple map Drawing a simple map Drawing a simple map

In our music lessons the children have learnt to appraise new songs and worked hard to find the pulse within pieces of music. They have used a variety of instruments to play alongside a piece of music to the pulse.

Music using instruments Music using instruments Music using instruments