Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

School Council

Through the school election process, that takes place once every two years, the School Councillors were appointed their role.

The School Council Class Representatives meet on a fortnightly basis with Mrs Bailey, our School Link Worker, to talk and have discussions, share ideas and make decisions about our school.

The School Council collects the views of their class and passes them on to other committees, often working closely with others such as SLT, Friends of Woodlands, Cleaning staff and Lunchtime staff; they then feedback to their class, following each meeting.

The council are actively involved in organising national events such as Red Nose Day and Sports Relief, but they also help to organise events for all pupils to enjoy and raise money alongside Friends of Woodlands. These events include Summer Fayres and School Discos, providing the council members with a budget to help improve our school environment.

Eco Council

Eco Council

The Eco council is made up of pupils from Y2 to Y6. The Eco Council meet fortnightly to discuss ways to raise awareness of green issues within school and to help our school to be environmentally friendly.

After carrying out a recent audit the Eco Council have decided that they currently want to focus on increasing the recycling we do within our school.  Our Junior Street Champions continue to help support reducing litter in our school and in our community. Eco-Schools is a great way of introducing environmental topics to our children, whilst developing a much more creative learning environment for everyone.

Eco Councillors and pupils have been working with Veolia Environmental Services since 2015.  The children have worked on various topics such as Recycling, Litter Picking, Food Waste and Composting and Gardening.

Woodlands Eco Code Rap

This is the Woodlands Eco rap,

Please put your rubbish in the bin,

that includes your banana skin.

That is cool recycling!


Turn off the lights to save energy.  

Save the PLANET for YOU and ME


Please remember to turn off your tap when not in use,

This is something we are trying to reduce!


Come to school with the walking bus,

In the fresh air walk with us.


All of this you need to listen too.

Be Eco cool don’t be a fool!

Created by Alfie, Leo and Ryan in Year 5

Woodlands Safeguarding Team

At Woodlands we strive to give our pupils a voice and the opportunity to engage in an array of different issues, current affairs and topics. As a school, we also have a statutory duty to teach children about keeping themselves and others safe. This includes ensuring children are taught about staying safe online, about bullying including cyber bullying, sexual abuse and exploitation and gender based violence. Our Safeguarding Team, work in partnership with Telford and Wrekin’s Safeguarding Children’s Board in order to teach pupils in much greater depth, about how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety.

The primary focus for Woodlands’ Safeguarding Team is to develop knowledge of how to safeguard themselves and others, in order to increase the number of children who feel safe in school and outside within their local community.

wst logo

Junior Road Safety Officers

Woodlands JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers) raise awareness of road safety for children, parents and neighbours in our area. We design competitions for our pupils to participate in, as well as this we hold assemblies to talk to the whole school about staying safe especially now darker nights are drawing in and we also organise events.  We have hosted a day where all the children came to school in there brightest clothes it was called “Be Bright, Be Seen”. It was to raise awareness of the importance of walking to school in bright clothes so we can be seen by passing traffic.

Children at Woodlands often walk to local events.  This not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint but also helps us all to stay active and healthy.

Our school have achieved the GOLD Modeshift STARS Award.  This is a national schools awards scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable transport.